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Course Overview

I’m pleased you’ve selected the IU High School course in economics. So that you start off on the right track, please spend a few moments reading this introduction. It is designed to assist you with this course and your venture into the world of economics and independent study.

You already know more about economics than you probably realize. Economics has been part of your life for a very long time. From a theoretical viewpoint, you’ve probably studied a wide variety of economic topics in your history classes, especially in conjunction with the birth and development of the United States. Looking at the practical side, you have been part of the “economics picture” from the day your parents purchased your first diapers to your current dilemma of deciding how you are going to find enough money to buy a new shirt or video game.

This course is presented with you in mind. Although economic theories and practices are very important parts of this course, I’ve tried to put you into the course in order to make the material meaningful. The course has been designed to help you better understand economics. As you work your way through the course, your background knowledge will become more and more obvious to you.